Trash can lid mould 1
Trash can lid mould 1

Trash can lid mould manufacturer

  • YuanCheng Mold has an excellent research and development team to provide users with various forms and sizes of trash can lid moulds to meet customised requirements.
  • We use a full range of CNC machining centres to provide you with high precision trash can lid moulds.
  • We have rich experience in the production and design of garbage bin moulds and a strict management system.
  • YuanCheng Mold offers you competitive prices and the best quality dustbin lid mould manufacturing.

Things to know about trash can lid mould

Trash can lid moulds are an important part of dustbin moulds. YuanCheng Mold has extensive experience in designing and producing high quality bin lid moulds that are durable and long lasting. We use advanced CNC machining centres and high quality mould steel materials to ensure that our moulds can withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use.

Figure 1 Trash Can Lid Mould

Figure 1: Trash can lid mould

Customizing your trash can lid mould: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to designing and customizing your trash can lid mould, YuanCheng Mold is happy to provide you with helpful tips and tricks.

Firstly, consider the type of material you want to use to make your mould. Different materials will have different properties, such as flexibility or durability, so choose the right one for your needs.

Next, think about the shape and size of the lid – do you want it to be a standard shape or something more unique?

Finally, don’t forget to add any necessary features, such as a handle or locking mechanism.

By considering these factors and discussing them with the designers at YuanCheng Mold. Our designers have the advanced CAD / CAM / CAE design technology to create a custom bin lid mould to meet all your requirements.

Figure 2 Customize Trash Can Lid Mould

Figure 2: Customization

How to choose the right material for your dustbin lid injection molding

Figure 3 Material for Trash Can Lid Mould

Figure 3: Material use for trash can lid mould

Polypropylene (PP) is the most frequently used material in making trash can lid injection moulding. It is a thermoplastic polymer with high strength, good rigidity and hardness, excellent chemical resistance and low cost. 

Of course, there are several other materials that can be used to make moulds for the lids, depending on your specific needs. Here are some common choices.

Polycarbonate:This material is known for its strength and resistance to heat and impact.

Polypropylene:This material has good chemical resistance and can withstand high temperatures.

Ultimately, the best material for waste bin lid moulds will depend on various factors such as the intended use of the dustbin lid, the environment in which it will be used and your budget.

Why YuanCheng Mold’s products is right for you!

Yuancheng Mould has extensive experience in the production of injection moulds for trash can lids. With our expertise, we can create bespoke trash bin moulds to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whether the quantity you need is large or small, we have the ability to produce high quality moulds at an affordable price. Contact us today!