Plastic rattan dustbin mould 1
Plastic rattan dustbin mould 2
Plastic rattan dustbin mould 1
Plastic rattan dustbin mould 2

Plastic rattan dustbin mould

  • Yuancheng Mold’s R&D efforts are focused on creating cutting-edge, long-lasting solutions that meet the needs of a changing economy and society for plastic rattan dustbin moulds.
  • Our rattan dustbin moulds are structurally sound and have a stable moulding system.
  • The plastic rattan dustbin moulds have uniform wall thickness, no eccentricity and a mould life of at least 1.5 million cycles.
  • We support customers in customising the size, dimensions and design of our plastic rattan bin moulds.

Plastic rattan dustbin mould - Description

Figure 1 Plastic rattan dustbin

Figure 1: Plastic rattan dustbin

Plastic rattan dustbin mould is a popular choice among dustbins as it has numerous benefits such as being easy to fabricate, resistant to harsh chemicals and high temperatures, whilst also holding FDA compliance. Additionally, the material looks great too! YuanCheng Mold strive to provide the best plastic rattan dustbin moulds that are durable, economical and attractive.

What are plastic rattan dustbin mould’s special features?

Our plastic rattan dustbin injection mould has many features that set it apart from others. 

  • The design focuses on precision and accuracy, ensuring consistent results every time. 

  • This includes a high-precision ejecting system for easy removal of the final product and an efficient cooling system that ensures the mould performs optimally at all times. 

  • Additionally, our moulds are designed to be durable and have a long life cycle in order to provide customers with continued use and low maintenance costs.

Figure 2 Plastic Rattan Dustbin Mould

Figure 2: Plastic rattan dustbin mould

Describe plastic rattan dustbin moulding process

The plastic rattan dustbin moulding process involves the melting of plastics at high temperature and injecting it into a custom-made mould. This plastic is then cooled and set, forming the desired shape. It includes four stages – Clamping, Injection, Cooling and Ejection.

Hot runner systems for plastic rattan dustbin injection mould

Figure 3 Hot runner systems

Figure 3: Hot runner systems

YuanCheng Mold’s plastic rattan dustbin injection moulds are equipped with advanced hot runner systems for optimal performance and cost efficiency. The system features a specialized valve which helps in increasing the speed of injection, reducing cycle time, improving product quality and saving resources. Additionally, each cavity is individually regulated to ensure proper temperature control throughout the process. This ensures that only the best quality plastic rattan dustbin injection mould is produced.

Surface treatments applied on a plastic rattan dustbin mould

Figure 4 Applying Surface treatments

Figure 4: Applying surface treatments

Surface treatments are used to give plastic rattan dustbin moulds a smooth and glossy finish. This helps to protect the mould from dirt, dust and moisture, ensuring a longer lifespan and the ability to perform optimally in any environment. 

The common surface treatment solutions used by us include sandblasting, polishing and chrome plating. Our experienced technicians will choose the right surface treatment depending on your specific requirements and application.

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