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Medical waste bin mould 1
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Medical waste bin mould guide

What is the purpose of a medical waste bin mould?

Medical waste bin injection moulds are used to produce medical waste bins in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. It is an effective method of creating a large number of uniform and accurate containers for the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Figure 1 Medical Waste Bin Mould

Figure 1: Medical waste bin mould

Medical waste bin mould design

Injection moulding is a popular manufacturing method used to produce high quality, durable clinical waste bins. The design of a medical waste bin mould is essential to ensure that the final product meets all required specifications.

Figure 2 Medical waste bin mould design

Figure 2: Medical waste bin mould design

Key considerations for medical waste bin mould design:

  • Material selection

Materials for injection moulding must be carefully selected based on properties such as strength, durability, flexibility, chemical resistance and heat resistance. Common materials used for medical waste bins include polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

  • Component design

Component design should take into account factors such as wall thickness, extraction angle, rib design, gate position and ejector system. Wall thicknesses should be uniform to ensure consistent quality throughout the bin. A minimum draw angle of 1-2 degrees should be included to allow for easy removal from the mould. Ribbed designs can help improve structural stability while reducing material usage. Gates should be strategically positioned to minimise warpage and reduce cycle times.

  • Mould design

Medical waste bin mould design involves considerations such as cavity layout, cooling system design, runner system design and ventilation systems. The cavity layout must be optimised for efficient filling while minimising stress on the mould. The cooling system must also be designed efficiently to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the mould during production.

Types of medical dustbins that can be produced by the medical waste bin injection molding

Figure 3 Types of medical waste bins

Figure 3: Medical waste trash bins

There are several different types of medical waste bins available. Each type is designed for specific functions and materials, as well as offering various levels of protection and security.

Figure 4 Medical Waste Bin Mould

Figure 4: Medical waste bin mould

The most common type is the “swing lid” bin which has a cover that swings open to allow access to the contents inside. This type is generally used for disposing of needles, sharps, glass or other hazardous materials.

Figure 5 Medical Waste Bin Mould

Figure 5: Medical waste bin

Lastly, there are plastic pail bins which have tight-fitting lids and handles for easy transportation. These are often used for collecting heavy or bulky items such as paper towels and medical equipment.

YuanCheng Mold offers customization services

Yes! We can customize our medical waste bin injection moulds to meet the specific needs of your project. We have a team of experienced engineers who will work closely with you to design a mould that perfectly suits your application. Contact us today to get started on your custom mould project!