OEM plastic pot injection molding

OEM plastic pot injection molding

YuanCheng Mold is the market leader in the production of OEM plastic pot injection molding. It is one of the best manufacturers in the molding world. Different kinds of customized products have been prepared and delivered globally. Yuancheng is leading in the market due to its advanced equipment and well-trained labor and technicians.

What is OEM plastic pot injection molding?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing. This term is used for product components. These components can be used in manufacturing different kinds of products like plastic pots, medicine products, electronic products, etc. OEM plastic injection molds are used to make electronic parts, medical parts, daily-use products, plastic covers, plastic shells, and plastic flower pots.

Strong, long-lasting plastic original equipment is made using injection molding, which is perfect for manufacturing projects requiring high-volume production. 

YuanCheng is a well-known OEM plastic pot injection molding manufacturer worldwide. We have been known for our diversified and customized prototype production of original equipment. It is used to make plastic pot moulds through the injection molding process.

Manufacturers can produce all their products using a single mould through injection molding. OEM plastic flower pot injection molding is one of the largest industries in plastic manufacturing.

Figure 1 OEM Plastic Pot Injection Molding

The plastic flower pot’s material:

CNC machines make it possible to make multiple identical plastic objects simultaneously using modern technology. Most often, four different materials are used. 

They are polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene. YuanCheng uses thermoplastic (polypropylene) pellets, ABS, PP, and Nylon, but high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is commonly used in OEM plastic pot injection molding.

Figure 2 Plastic Flower Pot Materials


Plastic injection molding machine

It consists of three units.

  1. Injection Unit
  2. The mould – The basic part of the whole process
  3. Ejector Unit

OEM plastic pot injection molding process:

It can be done through hydraulics, mechanical, and electrical processes. Hydraulics dominated the moulding industry in the past, but now electrical molding has replaced it. 

But in many injection molding processes, hydraulic machines are still considered the best option for your specific needs and personal preferences.

Hydraulics OEM plastic pot injection molding

Plastic flower pot injection molding consists of the following steps:

  1. Clamping
  2. Injection
  3. Dwelling
  4. Cooling
  5. Mold opening
  6. Ejection or removal of products


The first step is clamping. All the plastic pallets and resins are placed together in the molder or injection unit. In this process, the screw is rotated, which helps the melting of the plastic. Then the machine puts two halves together for the next step. In today’s hydraulics, clamp forces can be controlled by 8000 tons, which can weigh 50 pounds in parts.


The second step is injection. In this process, the injection of melted plastic starts, and these materials and colors are pumped into a container for the complete meltdown in liquid form. Then this liquid is injected into the mold for further processing.

The temperature should be maintained through this process. The clamping unit must be capable of providing sufficient locking force to keep the mold sealed during the Injection.


The next phase is dwelling; in this phase, melted material dwells in mould. Mould is the metal block in which plastic is accumulated to form a certain shape. This process is done through pressure via runners and gates. Pressure hydraulics are applied to ensure that all plastic covers the mould cavities. It also ensures that correct and customized products come out of the mould.


The next phase is cooling. In this step, mold is kept alone so that plastic in the

mold started to solidify in a particular shape.

Mould opening

The next step is mould opening. Once the cooling phase has completed and the molding machine has prepared for the next cycle, the mold is opened. 


The final step is ejection. In this process, the ejection rod pushes the ejector plate backward, two halves get separated, and the final product is in the shape of a flower pot obtained.

Electric OEM plastic pot injection molding

Although electric moulding machines are relatively new, they are quickly taking over. In this process, moulding machines are digitally controlled; once the program is installed, it works independently. It reduces labor costs and increases the efficacy of machines. Its working is highly predictable; once it reaches the desirable injection process, it can be replicated conveniently. As a result, it produces high-quality products.

Hybrid plastic injection moulding

Hybrid plastic injection moulding is new and advanced technology. It is a combination of both hydraulics and electric functions. It has precise and forceful hydraulic clamps with digital and electrical functioning. 

In hydraulic moulding, all force is wasted in screw rotation, but in hybrid, moulding screws are rotated through electricity, reducing the product’s time and cost. Our new hybrid machines have all the force of hydraulics, and at the same time, they have the energy efficiency of electrical molding.

Figure 3 Hybrid plastic injection moulding

OEM plastic pot injection molding service

Benefits of OEM flower pot injection moulding

There are different benefits of OEM plastic pot injection molding

1. The high volume of manufacturing plastics

OEM plastic pot injection molding allows us to manufacture a high volume of products with

desired samples and designs.

2. Wide range of materials

As an OEM provider, YuanCheng manufactures a wide range of plastic moldings.

3. High-quality products

It ensures the production of high-quality molds.

4. Warranty

Working with us also ensures a warranty until a specific period. You can contact the OEM provider if you receive a faulty product.

5. Low manufacturing cost

By contacting OEM manufacturers, you can reduce manufacturing costs. You can

get different product parts at a low cost.

6. Service support

YuanCheng provides you with full-service support after product delivery.

Figure 4 Example of Plastic Part

Quality control at YuanCheng Mold

YuanCheng is famous for its quality products. We have been manufacturing for decades, so our quality has improved with time. We always honor the customer’s review. Our products always pass the government’s product certification. It is because we have set up a quality control system that ensures the product’s quality and reliability.

We ensure quality control through different processes:

Incoming raw materials and accessories:

The most important quality check starts with the raw material. YuanCheng always prefers authentic and 100 % reliable plastic and raw materials for plastic pot molds. Besides raw materials, we use authentic accessories.

Processing and assembly:

During the processing and assembly of products, high-quality inspection is carried out. High-end engineers and technicians overlook the whole process. Designers, engineers, and laborers are hard-working, which makes our company highly professional.

Final inspection before delivery:

After order completion, the final inspection is done by a quality control system that consists of professionals. Before delivery, the team checks all aspects of products, like customized design, order numbers, and other important things.

Our capabilities

YuanCheng is a credible name in the field of moulding manufacturers. We have developed our own unique plastic pot injection moulding technology, which enables us to produce high-quality pots with complex shapes at low costs in a short period of time.

Figure 5 OEM Plastic Pot Injection Molding

YuanCheng supplies different high-quality injection mould

Selection of gates

YuanCheng offers different gates like a hot runner, cold gates, sleeves, submarines, and sprue. We can help you choose the right gate type and location for your project based on the materials you’re using.

Customized injection moulding materials

YuanCheng Mould can produce various customized injection moulding materials. These materials are PET, PVC, ABS, PC, and other non-toxic materials. We customized the design to meet client needs. Therefore, our material catalog and design catalog keeps expanding.

Surface treatment for plastic injection molding

The most important part of any moulding process has a smooth surface. This is crucial because any order can be canceled due to poor polishing and a rough surface. We have installed high-quality polishing instruments. We use different kinds of materials, like Teflon and PTFE.

With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff, we can provide the perfect surface treatment for your moulding project. Our surface treatment solutions can improve the appearance, durability, and performance of your plastic injection moulded parts and can be applied to various materials.

What makes YuanCheng Molds a trustworthy OEM flower pot mold manufacturer?

As an OEM provider, YuanCheng always honors clients; reservations. Working with YuanCheng molds, you can opt for professional-level service support for your products. 

We also ensure the warranty and long life span of our manufactured products. The most important benefit of working with our  OEM plastic pot injection molding, you can get customized products and samples before placing the original order.

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