bottle cap injection molding

Bottle cap injection moulding

YuanCheng Mold has years of manufacturing experience designing and producing high-quality moulded bottle caps. We have innovative bottle cap injection moulding because YuanCheng Mold has advanced equipment and experienced technicians to value our customers.

Bottle cap injection moulding video

Bottle cap injection moulding video

Services: Bottle cap injection moulding is YuanCheng Mold’s main product. To meet the diverse needs of customers, we have developed a series of products with different specifications and functions. We offer a variety of injection moulding services. No matter what your injection moulding needs are, YuanCheng Mold can help. Read on to learn more about our services.

  • Bottle Cap Injection Moulding
  • Bucket Mould
  • PET Preform Moulding

Do you want to get the best bottle cap injection moulding service? Do you want to make more informed decisions about your bottle cap production process and reduce costs? Here’s everything you need to know about plastic cap Injection moulding. 

Figure 2 Bottle Cap Injection Moulding

What is bottle cap injection moulding?

Injection moulding is a popular manufacturing process used to create objects (bottle caps) from thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. In this process, molten material is injected into a mould with custom colors added, which cools and solidifies into the desired shape.

The material type of the bottle cap:

YuanCheng Mold uses thermoplastic (Polypropylene) pellets to design bottle caps. Polypropylene (pp) plastic is used to make caps, which is different from the plastic of bottles. YuanCheng Mold cares for the safety of its customers and the environment; that’s why we use thermoplastic pellets that melt at low temperatures, don’t release toxins and have a relatively low carbon footprint. Polypropylene is environmentally friendly thermoplastic because it can be recycled.

Plastic injection moulding process:

Plastic injection moulding is melting thermoplastic pellets that, once soft enough, are injected with high pressure into a mould, which cools and solidifies to produce the final product. The process depends on four stages: clamping, injection, cooling and ejection.

1. Clamping: The plastic injection moulding process begins with clamping the mould onto the injection moulding machine. It is done by closing the mould halves together, usually with the help of hydraulics, and then applying pressure to keep the mould halves from moving. 

2. Injection: The plastic is injected into the mould through the injection nozzle. The injection begins with a cold stream of liquid plastic, solidifying as it hits the hot plastic mold. This stream of plastic is then forced continuously into the mould cavities, where it hardens and creates the finished product.

3. Cooling: The plastic inside the mould begins to cool down when it interacts with the interior mould. When the plastic cools, it takes the desired shape. The plastic shrinks slightly after cooling, and the mould can be opened.

4. Ejection: Ejection is the last stage of the process. The product is ejected by an ejection system, which needs an internal force to eject the product because the product is shrunken and stuck to the mould.

After the ejection, the mould is shut again to start another injection shot.

Figure 3 Bottle Cap Injection Moulding

Quality control at YuanCheng Mold

YuanCheng Mold strictly controls the quality of products, from the incoming raw materials, accessories, processing, and assembly to the final inspection before delivery, to ensure that each customer can get the perfect products.

In terms of quality control, we have also set up a perfect quality control system, implemented in every link of production and management, to ensure their products are stable and reliable. Here are some ways  that ensure our products are of the highest quality:

  • Incoming raw materials and accessories:

All incoming raw materials and accessories must be inspected and tested before they can be stored or used in production.

We have set up complete inspection standards and procedures to ensure that all incoming raw materials and accessories meet the requirements.

  • Processing and assembly:

In the processing and assembly of bottle cap injection moulding, each process is strictly controlled to ensure the product structure’s accuracy and performance consistency.

Our company has a professional processing and assembly team, and we have established strict processing and assembly standards and procedures to ensure product processing and assembly quality.

  • Final inspection before delivery:

Before delivery, all products must be inspected and tested to meet the required standards and specifications.

YuanCheng Mold is a trusted name in the mould-making industry, with over ten years of experience in design and production. We provide bottle cap injection moulding services for making bottle caps for various industries. 

Our capabilities

YuanCheng Mold is a professional bottle cap injection molding manufacturer with rich experience and capabilities in this field. We have developed our own unique bottle cap injection moulding technology, which enables us to produce high-quality bottles with complex shapes at low costs. 

We are supplier of:

Customized injection molding materials: YuanCheng Mold can produce various customized injection moulding materials, such as PET, PVC, ABS, PC, and other non-toxic materials. We can custom-make the material to meet your specific needs and specifications. And our material catalog keeps expanding to meet demands for customized material choices.

Surface treatment for plastic injection molding: At YuanCheng Mold, the factory has a wide range of surface treatment options for plastic injection moulding, including sandblasting, polishing, and anodizing. We can also apply special coatings such as PTFE or Teflon to improve the mold’s release properties.

With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff, we can provide the perfect surface treatment for your moulding project. Our surface treatment solutions can improve the appearance, durability, and performance of your plastic injection moulded parts and can be applied to various materials. 

We offer a variety of finishes, including matte, glossy and textured, and can also provide special effects such as pearlescent and metallic.

Processes in injection molding: YuanCheng Mold is a world-class provider of injection moulding services. Our extensive capabilities allow us to produce high-quality parts and components for our customers. Our processes are constantly striving to improve our capabilities and design to meet high standards of quality and efficiency.

We have a team of experienced engineers who are experts in the field, and we are constantly investing in the latest technology to ensure that we are at the forefront of the industry. We will be delighted if you are looking for a partner that can provide you with high-quality parts and components.

Selection of gates

At YuanCheng, we have various gate options to best suit your moulding needs. Our team of experts can help you select the right gate type and location for your project based on the material you’re using and the desired finish.

Some of the gate options we offer include the following:

  • Hot Runner
  • Cold Runner
  • Sprue
  • Submarine
  • Pin
  • Sleeve

Each gate type has advantages and disadvantages, so selecting the right one for your project is essential. Our team can help you make the best decision based on your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our molding capabilities and to get started on your project!

Hot runner technology:

At YuanCheng, we proudly offer our clients the latest hot runner technology. Our hot runner systems are designed and built at the highest standards, using the finest materials and components. It ensures that our hot runner systems can meet the most demanding requirements.

Our hot runner systems are available in various configurations, including single and multi-cavity options. We also offer a variety of nozzle sizes and styles to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a standard or custom hot runner system, we are confident that we can provide you with a solution that meets your needs.


YuanCheng Mold has a team of highly skilled designers that can create custom moulds for any application. We use the latest CAD software to design moulds that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Figure 4 Bottle Cap Injection Moulding

Why do customers trust YuanCheng Mold for their bottle cap injection moulding needs?

There are many reasons why customers trust YuanCheng Mold for their bottle cap injection moulding needs. 

  • YuanCheng Mold has a proven track record of providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. 
  • In addition, YuanCheng Mold offers a wide range of products, so customers can find the perfect solution for their needs. 
  • Furthermore, YuanCheng Mold provides a warranty on all of its products, so customers can be confident that they are making a wise investment. 
  • Finally, YuanCheng Mold offers competitive prices so that customers can save money on their purchases.

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