Square Pot Mould 1
Square Pot Mould 2
Square Pot Mould 1
Square Pot Mould 2

Square pot mould manufacturer

  • YuanCheng Mold is regarded as one of the best square pot mould manufacturers in China, we provide complete plastic flower pot moulding solutions.
  • Using injection moulding technology, we design and develop moulds and injection mould Square flower pot products according to your requirements. Our innovative and reliable designs are unique and highly functional.
  • We have invested in high precision mechanical engineering moulds to accurately reproduce the plastic parts of flower pots. Our mould making process is carried out under strict quality control and under the supervision of specialist mould engineers.
  • YuanCheng Mold uses CNC machine forged dies that can hold tolerances of up to +/- 0.002 mm.
  • We have a dedicated quality testing department to rule out defects and inefficiencies in our flowerpot moulds.

Precision square pot mould

Figure 1 Square Pot Mould

Choosing YuanCheng Mold’s plastic molds for plastic flower pots is more important than cost.

Our mold steel suggestions are based on your production output and product needs. A multi-line cooling system is used in the core and cavity parts. You can get more products at once. 

We will mill the mold at high speed to ensure precision in wall thickness and weight. Each square pot mould part is measured during the manufacturing process to ensure the precision of the mould. 

Square pot mould with hot runners

Figrue 2 Square Pot Mould With Hot Runners

Mold cooling system design is more important for plastic square flower pot molds. To ensure optimal cooling, a special hot runner system is required for plastic filling systems. 

Pot molds require an optimized cooling water path on their largest forming surfaces. It is also important to use excellent cooling water circuit design with tempered steel.

Square pot mould cooling system

Figure 3 Square Pot Mould Cooling System

To begin the mould design, Yuancheng Mold analysed all factors. The mould uses circulating water in every part to reduce cooling time, increase efficiency and reduce production costs.

  • When designing the cooling system, consideration must be given to uniformity, cooling effectiveness and the effect on the mould structure.
  • Determine where and how the cooling system will be located.
  • Cooling of critical locations such as moving plates and inserts, side slides and cores.
  • Selecting standard cooling components.

A guide to cooling systems

  1. Maximize cooling efficiency, reduce cooling line length while getting quality parts.
  2. Make sure cooling is uniform.
  3. Manufactured easily.

Things to consider in choosing injection molding for Square Pot Mould

Figure 4 Square Pot Mould

  1. The thickness of the hot runner mold has increased as a result of adding more runners and runner boards. If you are selecting an injection molding machine, you need to pay attention to the height of the injection molding machine when it comes to installation.
  2. Considering the compressibility of the plastic in the large-volume runner of the injection molding machine is important when measuring the injection volume of the machine.
  3. As a way to reduce the possibility of die depreciation of hot runner molds, continuous operation of injection molding machines is recommended, and the start-up of a multi-stage process is used to minimize the damage caused by the mold depreciation.