Round Flower pot Mould 1
Round Flower pot Mould 2
Round Flower pot Mould 1
Round Flower pot Mould 2

Round flower pot mould maker

  • YuanCheng Mold is a professional  mould making factory for round flower pot mould. 
  • We offer you the best garden moulds on pocket-friendly budgets worldwide. 
  • Our round flower moulds life: at least 1.5million Shots.
  • Our engineers will design the mould to suit your choice of plastic material.
  • YuanCheng Mold offers you a customized service for your exclusive round flower pot mould.
  • All design and manufacturing processes are carried out under strict quality control.
  • When it comes to custom drawings and proposals, we maintain strict confidentiality.

Round flower pot mould overview

YuanCheng Mold, is a manufacturer of equipment and systems that utilize processes to make plastic flower pot mould. All moulds are made customized.

Figure 1 Round Flower Pot Mould

Round flower pot mould process

Mold design

The right product design will reduce the weight of the product and make the machining process easier and injection molding easier. Based on our experience of making round flower pot moulds over many years, the focus of flower pot design is on the wall thickness of the product. 

Figure 2 Round flower pot mould Process

Precision of processing equipment

In addition to the design, the accuracy of the processing equipment also has a great impact on the flowerpot mould, high precision equipment can complete the processing of the flowerpot mould at one time.

Deep hole drilling machine and CNC milling machine

In the warehouse, after complete programming, the CNC milling machine performs different functions, like selecting suitable steel. After steel, suitable graphite and copper are selected.

After selection, the programmer puts the information about the copper plate number and mould number. Then it sends to electric pulse machining. For further process, which includes avoiding carbon deposition and smooth fluid flow.

In the EDM area, all technicalities are handled according to customized designs. After all processing, YuanCheng workers carry out the final assembling process, which is the most important part because it represents the company’s quality product.

Injection details

The last point is the injection details of the round flower pot mould. The choice of material type for the plastic planter is important. Some planters require a mixture of PP and PE. Some planters need to add some anti-UV additives to achieve better injection molding results.

Figure 3 Injection details


This product has different features.

  • It is complete processing equipment
  • Competitive mould pricing
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Extraordinary polishing
  • Manufacture under High-end professionals
  • Customized design

Advantages of our round flower pot mould

  • It can be used multiple times.
  • It is easy to use, clean, and wash.
  • It keeps your cleaning equipment dry and creates a healthy environment.
  • Excellent mould with multiple uses for craft projects.
  • Our product has an excellent and effective cooling effect, which helps in moulds formation.
  • Good polishing extends the life of the equipment.
  • YuanCheng manufacturers have high skilled engineers and programmers who ensure the best quality of product.
  • Our product has high strength.
  • It is a vital product, complete with after-sales service.
  • Our product reduces the duration of mould making.
  • Our manufacturer’s product reduces the labor cost, energy, and time interval.
  • We are producing eco-friendly flower pot moulds.
  • Worldwide shipment is available.
  • Our products are pocket-friendly due to their quality and low production costs.
  • We used anti-corrosive sheets during shipment to maintain product quality.

Why choose us?

YuanCheng Mold has been in the industry for more than 20 years, so we constantly strive to improve. Our aim is to provide long-term reliability and quality plastic injection molding dies. We have a highly experienced team to provide the best customer service.