Rattan Flower pot Mould 2
Rattan Flower pot Mould 2

Rattan flower pot mould supplier

  • Yuancheng Mold is a factory specializing in the production of various daily necessities molds.
  • Undoubtedly, YuanCheng is the market leader in producing different Rattan flower pot moulds.
  • These moulds are customized as per client requirements.
  • Strict safety measures are followed during the creation of every design and manufacturing process.
  • We keep our customers’ designs for rattan flower pot moulds strictly confidential.

Overview of rattan flower pot mould

YuanCheng is known to make high-quality plastic pot mould products. Rattan flower pot mould is one of their best products which is globally recognized. 

The steel usually used for Rattan flower pot mold is 2316. This kind of steel has high corrosion resistance, and after passing through the temperature, the hardness can increase to above HRC52. YuanCheng Mold encouraged customized designs.

Figure 1 Rattan Flower Pot Mould


Plastic Rattan is used all over the world in different forms. Rattan flower pot mould is made up of steel and aluminum. The most common plastic used in rattan flower pot mold is PP, which has a thin wall and light weight. It has a hot runner gate system.


  • It has an H13 mould cavity. It has one cavity, which is used to make the mould in 2 minutes.
  • This machine is mostly prepared in 65 days with advanced technology.
  • Mould life is 1 million shots.
  • It has different equipment, including CNC machining, electric pulse machine, EDM, and mould finishing and assembling.
  • In the final process, high-end engineers and programmers finish the product with keen observation and as per the client’s wish.
  • For getting high-quality products, we use high-quality polishing and finishing Tools.
  • Our main objective is client satisfaction. Therefore we prefer their output and their observation of our products.
  • We accept customized samples and designs so that we can prepare products as per your requirements.
  • The best cooling system is integrated into the equipment, reducing product manufacturing time.
  • Our moulds are supplied all over the world.
  • High-quality steel is used in machines.
  • We offer dual packaging that includes an outer wooden package, and an anti-corrosive inner package with a waterproof sheet.

Figrue 2 Example of Rattan Flower Pot

Advantages of our rattan flower pot mould

  • Completed high-quality equipment with optimized product
  • Programming under the guidance of experts and skilled professionals a consistent level of quality in your designs and products
  • Anti-corrosive polishing for shipment
  • We will provide you with a satisfactory product as well as after-sales service


Yuancheng Mold – Professional flower pot mould manufacturer

Yuancheng Mold offers customised services for your flower pot mould. Our moulds are strictly inspected. Because we have our own factory, our prices are also reasonable. Contact us now to get an accurate quote for your rattan flower pot mould.