Flower Pot Family Mould 1
Flower Pot Family Mould 2
Flower Pot Family Mould 1
Flower Pot Family Mould 2

Flower pot family mould manufacturer

  • YuanCheng Mold provides the highest quality plastic flower pot molds, such as flower pot family moulds, in China.
  • With our high quality steel, high hardness, high polish, and high precision machining, we guarantee your satisfaction.
  • If you have samples of flower pots you would like designed, we can make them for you, or we can cooperate with you to create moulds for your ideal flower pot family.
  • Investment in our equipment ensures quality products at competitive prices and on-time delivery for our customers.
  • We support individual customisation and can offer an IML injection molding service.

OEM flower pot family mould - YuanCheng Mold

At YuanCheng Mold, a plastic flower pot family mould project was started and we first sent the product design to the customer for acceptance. After confirming the design is correct, we start the mould design, which can be hot runner or cold runner according to the customer’s requirements. After the customer confirms the mould design, the mould is started.

We have very high requirements for the steel we purchase. The steel we normally use is 2316, which is highly corrosion resistant. After temperature, the hardness can be increased to over HRC 52.

Standard parts such as inserts, bushings and slides will be used for the flowerpot mould to increase the life of the plastic flower pot mould.

Figure 1 Flower Pot Family Mould

The making of flower pot family mould

Having made flower pot family molds for many years, we know the key point of the product’s design is its wall thickness. A reasonable product design reduces the product’s weight, the process is also very simple, and injection molding is also easier. 

The precision of the processing equipment has a direct impact on the flower pot families mold, and high precision equipment can finish the flower pot mold quickly. 

Lastly, let’s discuss the injection details of flower pot molds. For the plastic flower pots, the choice of material type is very important. For example, some flower pots require a PP/PE mix, while others require anti-UV additives for a better injection molding result.

Leading family flower pot mould manufacturer in China-YuanCheng Mold

YuanCheng Mold is a company that specializes in injection molding of everyday products. As such, we take advantage of our economies of scale to keep costs low for our customers.

As a leading manufacturer of plastic everyday products, YuanCheng Mold is a one-stop solution provider for all plastic flower pot product needs.