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YuanCheng Mold is known as one of the best plastic flower pot mould manufacturers in China, we provide complete flower pot molding solutions. Customers can customize flower pot shapes, sizes and materials …… We will carry out flower pot mould design and professional moulding processing, production and testing.

One-stop flower pot injection moulding service

YuanCheng Mold is committed to providing top-notch services for all your plastic flower pot needs.

Precision plastic flower pot mould production

YuanCheng Mold has a team of highly skilled engineers who can ensure that the mould is configured to the exact shape required. We adhere to strict details to ensure that the pattern of the mould will support your plastic flower pots.

With our use of CNC machinery, manufacturing more complex and intricate flower pot moulds has become easier. All the details are displayed to help us orientate our manufacturing process. Ensuring that the smallest tolerances are achieved.

plastic Flower Pot Mould 2

Customise your plastic pot mould

YuanCheng Mold manufactures custom flower pot moulds for you. With advanced molding technology, our flower pot molds are mainly exported to North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Middle East countries.

Round Flower pot Mould

Round flower pot mould

Our selection of round flower pot moulds come in various sizes and at budget-friendly prices.
Rattan Flower pot Mould

Rattan flower pot mould

Looking for the perfect rattan flower pot mould? Look no further than YuanCheng Mold!

Square pot mould

It’s easy to find the perfect square flower pot mould for your custom project with YuanCheng's high-quality molds – all at great prices!
Nursery Pot Mould

Nursery pot mould

Nursery pot moulds provide a necessary foundation for producing sturdy and reliable nursery pots. You can always find the perfect nursery pot mould right here!
PP flower pot mould

PP flower pot mould

Our experienced team of engineers ensures that each PP flower pot mould is painstakingly crafted, enabling you to create quality pots with consistent results.
Flower Pot Family Mould

Flower pot family mould

At YuanCheng Mold, each flower pot family mould is given the utmost care with expert craftsmanship from our dedicated engineering team.

YuanCheng Mold: Company Profile

We use state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure that each mold we create is up to our high standards.

YuanCheng Mold is a plastic injection moulding service provider that stands out from the competition.

YuanCheng Mold prides itself on its commitment to producing plastic injection moulds in compliance with world-class standards. Professionalism and discipline are their rules of business, allowing them to guarantee complete customer satisfaction no matter what end use the plastic injection moulds are used for.

Their team of highly skilled and experienced technicians provides plastic injection molding services that offer superior performance and accuracy. With higher production output and top-tier quality, this plastic injection mould supplier is an excellent choice for any project.

Bucket Mould Parameters
Mold Cavity: 1 &2 &4 Cavities
Steel hardness: HRC30-35 for base material.
HRC45-48 for core and cavity material.
HRC60-62 for special parts material
Core &Cavity Steel 2316#steel, S136, H13, 718, SKD61, P20, S50C, 45#steel, 4Cr13,
3Cr13, BeCu or based on customer’s requirement.
Mold Injection System: Cold Runner System.Hot Runner System (Taiwan Brand)
Mold Ejection System: Pin gate, Submarine gate, Valve gate etc
Mold Cycle Time: 10 ~ 18 ± 2 Seconds
Plastic material PP,,PE,HDPE etc.
Mold Running: 1 year Guarantee; Shots guarantee 1 million under the normal operation and period maintenance
Mold Delivery Time: 80 ~ 100 working days to T1 sample delivery
Mold Features: High Polish
Mould life At least 1.5million Shots
Delivery time: 30-60days
Packing details: Standard export packing way



Many customers have previously asked questions about plastic flower pot moulds. The following are some typical FAQs.

Flower pot moulds come in a wide range of materials, shapes, patterns, and usage conditions.

For product material, there are PP flower pot moulds and PE flower pot moulds. Shapes include round flower pot moulds, square flower pot moulds, and patchwork flower pot moulds with a drainage hole.

Meanwhile, the product pattern is available in different forms, such as glossy flower pot moulds, rattan flower pot moulds, frosted flower pot moulds and leather flower pot moulds.

Plastic flower pot mould is also differentiated by its different usage scenarios—indoor flower pots mould for indoors, outdoor flower pots mould for outdoors, nursery flower pots mould for nurseries and garden Flower Pot Mould for gardens.

No matter the criteria used to select amongst these plastic flower pots moulds, there’s surely one that will fulfill your requirements!

Yes, we provide. The IML Injection Molding process from YuanCheng Mold is a revolutionary way to label plastic components. Automated and utilizing pre-printed labels, IML streamlines the injection molding process without sacrificing precision or quality.

The IML system reduces the cost and time associated with labeling plastic components, allowing companies to get their flower pot products to market faster than ever.

With IML Injection Molding, customers can expect high-speed, high-quality labeling results on any product manufactured in an injection mold.

It is well known that plastic flower pot moulds have a lot of room for development in the future, as the modern lifestyle has slowly changed to one of cultivating the body, and raising flowers has become a hobby in their lives. Flower pots are produced using injection moulds with short production cycles and high output. The moulds have a long life span. Plastic flower pot moulds will be made by more and more people.

A simple flower pot mould usually costs between $5,000 and $10,000. On average, a typical flower pot mold costs around $12,000.

Crafting flower pot moulds can be extremely challenging due to the complexity of the mould structure. 

To achieve water leakage, a bottom touch perforation and a side wall collision perforation are used. Unfortunately, with the bottom leakage design directly on the core cavity, it cannot be too small as it requires high-precision machining and this will inevitably increase production costs. Similarly, with the sidewall leak design using a cylinder to draw the core to achieve collision, it will also extend product production lead times. 

For flower pot moulds that must prevent too much watering at once and rotting of the flowers, these extra steps are an absolute necessity!


We have high requirements for the steel we purchase and the steel normally used is 2316. This steel has high corrosion resistance and after temperature, the hardness can increase to over HRC52. Parts such as mould inserts, bushings, and slides will be used as a standard to increase the life of the plastic flower pot mould.

Case Studies

With an annual production capacity of 900-1,000 molds, YuanCheng Mold specializes in manufacturing quality molds for the injection molding of everyday products.

This study significantly focuses on flower pot mould design, emphasizing the selection of incorporated gate systems, runners, core cavity, and ejection system.

Plastic pot injection molding design
case study

    Are you in need of a plastic pot mould?

    Look no further than YC Mold. Our team of experienced professionals can design and produce a high-quality mold that meets your specific requirements.

    Plastic flower pot mould guide

    YuanCheng Mold specializes in the manufacture and development of plastic flower pot molds. We have the support of experienced engineers. We provide our customers with one-stop solutions from plastic daily product design and mold design to production and delivery.

    Figure 1 Plastic Flower Pot Mould

    Plastic flower pot mould design

    Each step of flower pot mould design is essential, making sure to provide superior results for all flower pot products.

    Figure 2 Plastic Flower Pot Mould Design

    1.Flower pot mold gate design

    The gate design for flower pots consists of a hot runner located at the bottom, which is designed to provide uniform flow and not lose any material during injection molding. It also stands to be one of the more cost-effective options available.

    2. Plastic flower pot mould cooling system

    Plastic flower pot mould cooling systems play an integral role in producing high-quality, cost-effective flower pots.

    By controlling the temperature of the flower pot molds during the injection molding process, Flower pot mold cooling systems are able to help reduce deformation of plastic flower pots and allow for size control within reasonable tolerances.

    Flower pot mold cooling systems must have apertures no larger than 6-8 mm to ensure maximum efficiency, while also having many points around the mold distributed tightly in order to keep cooling time to a minimum.

    Without these Flower Pot Mold Cooling Systems, flower pots would lack consistency and production costs would be far higher.

    3. Flower pot mold ejection design

    Flower Pot Mold Ejection Design is an important aspect of any flower pot production line.

    While air blowing is the typical method for flower pots without holes at the bottom, flower pot mold ejection design requires one to use a stripper or ejector rod when making flower pots with holes at the bottom. To guarantee that the product won’t be deformed, broken, or whitened during this process, one must ensure that the ejector rod is carefully balanced in place.

    Additionally, careful attention should be paid to design of the top bar so as not to interfere with product form and function.

    Finally, standard ejector pins are recommended since they can easily be replaced in case of damage without compromising injection molding needs.

    Figure 3 Flower Pot Mold Ejection Design

    Flower pot mold processing

    1. CNC processing

    CNC processing is an efficient and precise modern machining method that is becoming increasingly common, especially for custom-shaped objects such as flowerpot molds.

    CNC lathe is a good choice for round flower pot molds, as the size of the product can determine exactly how much core and cavity need to be machined. For those with complex shapes, CNC milling should be used in combination with Makino V90s finishing machining to ensure that all design requirements have been precisely met. The CNC process combines speed with accuracy, making it a popular choice for flower pots of any shape or size.

    2. EDM machining

    EDM machining is an effective way to finish certain complicated parts (like flower pot molds) due to its precision and accuracy.

    Graphite conductive EDM and purple copper EDM are usually used for this purpose. It may take longer for EDM processing compared to CNC milling, resulting in an increased cost. Therefore, when designing parts for flower pots, it is always a good idea to minimize the reinforcement area to keep the costs low. EDM machining remains an efficient technology that produces excellent results every time.

    3. Coordinate inspection

    Coordinate inspection is an important part of the processing of flowerpot moulds, especially after the high-speed milling has been completed.

    It requires that both the core and cavity be checked using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to make sure that their respective machining tolerance is within 0.02mm of its designed requirements. If it isn’t, then the parts must be reworked in order to meet those standards and ensure a successful production run of flowerpot moulds. Coordinate inspection ensures quality control for all components involved in the production process.

    4. Flower pot mold polishing

    It is well known that the smooth appearance of plastic injection molds for household planters depends on the polishing effect. In order to get high quality polishing results, it is most important to have high quality polishing tools and accessories, such as whetstones, sandpaper and diamond abrasive paste. More professional polishers are needed for the process.

    Figure 4 Flower pot mold polishing

    China plastic injection mould manufacturer

    YuanCheng Mold is a well-known plastic flower pot mould factory in China since its establishment. We are committed to specializing in producing various plastic planting molds, such as PET, PP plastic flower pot molds, round flower pot molds, nursery pot moulds, flower pot family moulds, etc. If you are interested in flower pot moulds, please contact us.