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rattan chair plastic mould 1
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Rattan chair plastic mould maker

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Rattan chair plastic mould | Best practices and considerations

Figure 1 Rattan Chair Plastic Mould

Figure 1: Rattan chair plastic mould

In the modernized world, rattan chairs are in high demand because of their aesthetic looks. Yes, rattan chairs are one of the favorite furniture pieces for indoor and outdoor decorative purposes. But, creating a beautiful and strong chair from rattan material is not easy. It requires an accurate and high-quality rattan chair plastic mould that determines the shape of the chair and its strength.

Don’t take any worries; here YuanCheng Mold will discuss the best practices and considerations to take while manufacturing a rattan chair plastic mould, so let’s start the debate.

What is rattan chair plastic mould | A basic know-how

Figure 2 Rattan Plastic Chair With Mould

Figure 2: Rattan plastic chair with mould

Rattan chair is like woven furniture made of interlacing strips. Rattan chair plastic mould is an injection moulding process used to make rattan chairs out of plastic. The mould is usually constructed by combining two sections, a base part, and a top lid. 

This ensures the chair looks attractive and has enough strength to last long. When the molten plastic is injected into the mould, it gets filled in all the spaces and hardens when cooled. This gives a sturdy frame to the chair with perfect dimensions.

The mould has a woven structure crafted on the surface, making it look like rattan. The plastic that goes into making the chair is usually recycled or virgin, depending on your requirement. Recycled plastic gives a more sustainable approach, while virgin plastic gives you a high-quality product with improved longevity.

The rattan chairs made from this mould are light in weight, easy to carry, and perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The lightness of the chair makes it highly portable while giving it a comfortable seating experience.

No matter which type of plastic you choose, the rattan chairs made from this mould will stay strong for several years with minimal maintenance required.

Best practices for using rattan chair plastic moulds

Most mold manufacturers lack the latest production techniques to make their moulds more efficient, effective, and reliable. Therefore, it is important to consider certain best practices for using a rattan chair plastic mould. 

Here we categorize some of the most important steps you should follow:

Safety precautions when working with rattan chair plastic mould

To ensure your mould is safely used, it’s important to be mindful of all safety protocols. This includes wearing eye protection and protective gear when working on the mould. Additionally, it is recommended to use a dust filter mask to avoid any foreign from entering the work zone.

  • Use the right temperature setting:

Rattan chair plastic moulds need to be used with the right temperature settings. Different plastics require different temperatures, so checking with the manufacturer before use is important. Generally speaking, an appropriate temperature range would be between 170-200 degrees Celsius for most materials.

  • Use hand gloves:

Heat-resistant hand gloves are an important safety tool when working with rattan chair plastic moulds. The gloves should be made of non-combustible material to provide adequate protection against high temperatures. They should also grip the surface securely and fit snugly on the hands for maximum comfort and safety.

  • Don’t wear loose clothing:

Another important safety measure when working with rattan chair plastic moulds is to ensure that loose or baggy clothing is not worn. This can be dangerous. It might get caught in the machine, leading to possible injury. Wearing close-fitting garments and sleeves whenever possible while handling hot materials is best.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the moulds

The second category brainstorms the best ways to maintain and clean the moulds. Proper cleaning of moulds is necessary to ensure that they last longer and function properly. Once in a while, it’s advisable to use a soft brush with soapy water or rubbing alcohol on the rattan chair plastic molds. This would help remove all dirt, dust, and other debris that may have built up over time.

  • Check the moulds periodically:

Inspecting the chair moulds regularly and looking out for any signs of damage, distortion, or wear is also essential. This can help avoid accidents as well as expensive repairs or replacements. In case any part needs replacing, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning:

When cleaning rattan chairs, avoiding abrasive materials and harsh chemicals is important. Use mild detergents or soap only for your furniture. Doing this will help keep the structures of moulds intact without damaging any parts. Also sure that whatever you use to clean is not too wet, as this can cause damage or discolor the material.

Tips for improving efficiency and productivity

If you want to keep your rattan chairs efficient and productive, here are some tips:

  • Use the high-quality plastic material:

When choosing materials for your rattan chairs, get the highest quality plastic. This will help ensure the chair’s durable design and structure won’t easily break down over time. It is also less likely to discolor or crack in the sun.

  • Give proper time for cooling:

After plastic injection molding your rattan chairs, give them ample time to cool down before handling or testing them. This will help prevent any deformities and defects in the chair’s structure caused by improper cooling.

  • Clean the mould after use:

Once you’re done with your rattan chairs, don’t forget to clean the mould. Cleaning the moulds regularly will help to ensure that the chair and plastic material stays in top condition over time. This can also help you save on costs associated with replacing parts or materials due to defects caused by improper care and maintenance of the mould.

Some basic considerations before buying rattan mould

When shopping for a rattan chair mould, make sure you take into account the size and weight of the mould. You want to ensure that the mould is big enough to properly fit your chair design and small enough to be handled easily. It’s also important to consider the material of the mould, as this will determine its ability to withstand wear and tear from the heat of the injection moulding process.

YuanCheng Mold | A trusted plastic chair mould manufacturer

YuanCheng Mold is a trusted name in the injection mould manufacturing industry, offering high-quality and long-lasting rattan chair moulds. Our experienced engineers have been crafting top-notch products for years. We believe in giving our customers only the best quality products that are sure to meet their expectations. 

You can contact us or fill out the inquiry form online to get a quote. So please don’t wait, and contact us now to start your project.