Wide mouth Preform Mould 1
Wide mouth Preform Mould 2
Wide mouth Preform Mould 1
Wide mouth Preform Mould 2

Wide mouth preform mould

  • Our company can provide you with genuine manufacturing services for your wide mouth preform mould with the assistance of our skilled engineers and co-workers.
  • We have implemented a strict quality control system to ensure that the mold for wide mouth preform is of the highest quality.
  • Our professional team can handle your projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Our company offers a wide range of production selections as well as excellent after-sales services to our customers.

Wide mouth preform mould guide

For many years, YuanCheng Mold has been designing and manufacturing preform moulds. We have innovated and developed valve systems as well as runner port systems to suit different wide-mouth bottle preform applications.

Figure1 Wide Mouth Preform Mould

Wide mouth preform mould features

  • It should be noted that the PET preform mould plates are made from P20 steel, which has been pre-hardened. Stainless steel S136 is used for the core, cavity and neck screw, which are better than 48HRC in terms of strength and resistance to corrosion.
  • As a result, the mold plate is made by a one-time processing process to ensure that the mold hold and guide bush are in concentricity, ensuring that the mold has a compact structure.
  • A good selection of foreign brands, high positioning accuracy, and convenient disassembly characterize the main components.
  • Streamlined spiral cycle waterways can shorten cycle time with rapid cooling.
  • It ensures that the product does not display flash, different sizes, irregularities, or other defects due to the double cone positioning principle.
  • Famous brand equipment processes neck screws. Dimensions are accurate and consistent
  • The friction surface is made stable, identical, and durable by moulding part hardening.

Advantages of wide mouth preform mould

Figure 2 Advantages of Wide Mouth Preform Mould

  • Material loss and cost reduction;
  • It can reduce the number of crushers, labor costs, energy consumption, and production space by reducing waste recycling, classification, crushing, drying, and storage;
  • In order to avoid reducing the quality of parts by using recycled materials;
  • Maintain the consistency and precision of injection molded parts, as well as improve the precision of plastic components;
  • Inject a larger volume of plastic melt in order to improve the compressibility of the plastic melt, and increase the volume of injection;
  • In addition to strengthening the injection function and improving the injection process, it is also important to:
  • Injecting and holding the medication for a shorter period of time would be beneficial.
  • There should be a reduction in the clamping force required;
  • Reduce the time spent on removing the nozzle material from the mold during the injection operation cycle by shortening the mold opening stroke;