PET Water Bottle Preform mould 1
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PET Water Bottle Preform mould 1
PET Water Bottle Preform mould 2

PET water bottle preform mould manufacturer

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PET water bottle preform mould introduction

A preform mold for PET water bottles is made from P20 steel by pre-hardening it before the mold is used. This is a stainless steel product that is mainly composed of high strength and anticorrosion stainless steel S136 for the core, cavity, and screws on the neck. The processing of the template at one time ensures die hole concentricity, guide sleeve concentricity, and compactness of the die. Additionally, the product is manufactured with high precision by utilizing the “double cone positioning” principle, preventing burrs, different sizes, irregularities, and other defects from appearing.s, irregularities and other defects in the finished product.

Processing method of PET water bottle preform mould

There are two stages in this process. There is a first stage and a second stage. A single machine is used for both the injection and the blowing of the product in one stage. As part of the two-stage type, it consists of an injection molding machine and a blowing machine for PET bottles. Injection molding machines first produce plastic bottle preforms, then blow the plastic bottle preforms in PET blowing machines.

Advantages of YuanCheng’s PET water bottle preform mould

A PET bottle preform mould from our company can be used to produce pure water bottles, medicine bottles, beverage bottles, etc. To ensure a stable, consistent, and durable friction surface, all the molded parts are hardened to ensure a high degree of hardness. Additionally, it is designed with a reasonably large cooling channel, which can strengthen the cooling effect of the mold and can reduce the injection time by a considerable amount. Also, we are capable of producing any kind of plastic cap mould requested by the customer according to the customer’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you are still looking for a reliable PET Water Bottle Preform Mold manufacturer in China.

Mould features

  • In order to reduce labor costs, the valve gate does not need to be cut.
  • This system makes it possible to reduce the level of AA value with the help of an advanced hot runner system.
  • A reasonable-designed cold water channel increases the cooling effect and shortens the cycling time so that it works more efficiently.

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Yuancheng Mold is one of the most renowned companies providing quality PET preform moulds in China and one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of PET preform moulds. In order to offer our customers quality moulds that come with unique designs, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. It is also possible to receive a customized service as well.

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