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jar preform mould 1
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Jar preform mould

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  • We produce customized and various-sized jar preform moulds. The sizes are chosen based on the requirements of the client.
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Overview of jar preform mould

Figure 1 Jar Preform Mould
Jar preform mould is another term for wide mouth preform mould. These wide-mouth moulds are mostly made for packaging nuts and candies. For many years, YuanCheng Mold has designed and manufactured those Jar bottle preform moulds. We offer a valve gate system and a very compact runner nub system for various wide-mouth preform applications.

Jar preform mould design

  1.  P20 steel is used to create the mould plates, which have been pre-hardened.
  2. The core, cavity, and neck screw are made of stainless steel S136, stronger and more corrosion-resistant than 48HRC.
  3.  The mould plate is created using a one-time processing procedure to guarantee that the mould hold and guide bush are compact.
  4. The primary components have a wide variety of excellent positioning precision, and easy disassembly.
  5. Waterways for well-organized spiral cycles can cool quickly and cut down on cycle time. 
  6. The twin cone positioning approach ensures the product has no flashes, varied sizes, inconsistencies, or other flaws.
  7. Neck screws are processed using our machinery. Dimensions are precise and reliable.
  8. Moulding part hardening creates a friction surface that is stable, consistent, and long-lasting.

Figure 2 Jar Preform Mould

Advantages of jar preform mould

  • Because of the mould’s innovative construction, there is no need to chill and reheat the hot runner during a component switch. It significantly decreases system downtime.
  • Additionally, it lowers costs by reducing the number of components that must be replaced.
  • Our Jar preform mould has an improved exhaust system, which requires less pressure to achieve a faster moulding cycle time.
  •  It has improved efficiency while lowering cavity pressure and extending the life of the preform mould.
  • With our Multi-cavity jar preform mould, customers can use a tiny injection machine and high clamping force.
  • Our mould’s cooling system is built to cool different preforms quickly.
  • Jar preform mould has reduced cycle time and increased productivity.
  • It can reduce the number of crushers, labor costs, energy consumption, and manufacturing space by minimizing waste recycling, sorting, crushing, drying, and storage.
  • Our mould has reduced the time needed to remove the nozzle material from the mould during the injection operation cycle by decreasing the mould opening stroke.

Why choose YuanCheng Mold’s PET preform mould?

YuangCheng Mold, one of the top producers and suppliers of PET preform moulds. We offer preform moulds made in China. We have made investments in advanced machinery and technology to provide customers with high-quality moulds with distinctive designs. Customized service is additionally offered. So feel free to Contact us and get your quote!