96 Cavity Preform Mould 1
96 Cavity Preform Mould 2
96 Cavity Preform Mould 1
96 Cavity Preform Mould 2

96 Cavity preform mould maker

  • It is the top-notch technology used in the design and manufacturing of 96 cavity preform moulds that ensures the long life of the dies.
  • Our superior quality 96 cavity preform moulds are quality checked at different stages of production in order to make sure that only the best ones are sent out.
  • During the development of a mould, our team of engineers will be able to provide you with assistance.
  • Our company is able to offer a large product range by having the assistance of high-quality spare part suppliers.
  • The delivery service provided by YuanCheng is 60 days. Having a faster delivery time can provide you with a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Let us know what your inquiries are, and we will get back to you within a couple of days with the most suitable solution for your needs.

Description of 96 cavity preform mould

Figure 1 96 Cavity Preform Mould

YuanCheng Mold is a company that manufactures PET preform molds with one to ninety-six cavities that include injection systems backed by a powerful team of researchers and developers. Our professional engineers have a special skill when it comes to designing preform dies, which is one of their specialties. We can produce PET preform moulds in tandem with the injection molding machine of our customers during the manufacturing process. No matter if you are looking for preform moulds for 96 cavities or PET preform moulds for any purpose, we can provide a complete solution for you.

96 cavity preform mould features

1.  Valve gate

Using a pin-valve gate, a pneumatic drive can control the injection hole opening and closing actions simultaneously, which can effectively control the injection hole. Seal function is reliable, smooth moving, low thermal expansion rate, long life and also saves electricity

2. Hot runner

Our hot runner system provides ideal and prompt heating for preform production, lower injection pressure to reduce wear and tear on mould components

3. Heat system

The hot runner mainfold is heated by the heat bar, while small heaters continuously heat the cavity nozzle.

4. Cooling system

There is an independent cooling system for the core, cavity, and valve gate.

5. Heat treatment

Mechanically treating the cavity and core, nitrogen treating the neck screw. We guarantee a long life over 2.0 million injection cycles with fitly operation.


  • Higher nickel and chromium content than FS136, customized material 632.
  • Brightness, toughness, and rust resistance have been enhanced.
  • A stainless steel or P20 (prehardened) mold base with HRC 38-40 is used.

Cooling system of 96 cavity preform mould

Figure 2 Cooling system of 96 Cavity Preform Mould

  • In the core, fountains or spirals are used.
  • Spiral waterways improve cycle efficiency and reduce cleaning times by milling outside cavities.
  • Cross-cooled channel in neck.
  • Circulation cooling channels are designed into each plate.
  • A fast and efficient heat exchange between steel and water is ensured by an optimized cooling layout to reduce energy consumption.

YuanCheng Mold’s PET preform mould maker

One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of PET perform moulds, YuangCheng Mold offers quality 96 cavities preform moulds made in China. To offer customers quality moulds with unique designs, we have invested in advanced equipment and technology. Also available is customized service. So Contact us and get your free quote!