72 Cavity Preform Mould 1
72 Cavity Preform Mould 2
72 Cavity Preform Mould 1
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72 Cavity preform mould manufacturer

  • YuanCheng Mold provides 1-2 years warranty on its 72 cavity preform mold so you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs.
  • We only use genuine and trusted mold steel and machinery when making our molds.
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  • Mold price and after-sales service certifications for foreign businesses.
  • Mold testing can be conducted with sterilized equipment and the latest technology.
  • A variety of machines, tools, and technologies are used to manufacture them by experts.
  • Our quality check services ensure your PET preform moulds work flawlessly and are stable.

72 Cavity preform mould - What is it?

Figure 1 72 Cavity Preform Mould

The 72 cavity preform mold has a 30/25 neck, and is designed for water drinks. The hot runner system of the mold is balanced with a shut off valve gate on the injection gate to prevent any stringing of the mold. Operators can reduce maintenance time by using the cam roller design. Injection molding system designed for PET preforms. With a general PET screw injection molding machine, the preforms weigh 15.5g, and the cycle time is 28 seconds. With a three-stage post-cooling system, the time reaches 14 seconds.

Features of 72 cavity preform mould

Figure 2 Features of 72 Cavity Preform Mould

  • Using the mold, 72 cavities are available.
  • With an electric control system that simulates stretch testing, yield rates can be improved.
  • The mold utilizes a world-leading dipole taper localization technique, allowing each cavity to self-clamp independently and ensure mold concentricity.
  • Material used in the die core and cavity of the mold is special mold steel made in Sweden.
  • The screw necks are of international standard and are made of imported nitrided steel with high hardness and are of long lasting use.
  • It is important to make sure that the quality of plastic products is high due to the design of the hot runners and the even heating temperature.
  • There is a reduction in labor force when using valve gated type without tails.

Mould material

  • There are a number of parts in the preform molds that are made from S136 material (produced by Sweden ASSAB).
  • In order to make the mold base, imported P20 is used. The plate method prevents corrosion and assures the long life service of the performance molds by ensuring effective corrosion prevention.
  • An imported German vacuum stove is used for heat treating the components, which assures the components to be hard in the range of HRC45-HRC48 with respect to their hardness.