5 gallon pet preform mould 1
5 gallon pet preform mould 2
5 gallon pet preform mould 1
5 gallon pet preform mould 2

5 Gallon PET preform mould manufacturer

  • As a leader in the injection moulding industry, YuanCheng Mold offers high precision  5 gallon PET moulds for you.
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  • For any problems related to the mould parts that our customers may have, we provide after-sale services for them.
  • Our PET preform moulds are all customisable and we offer a wide range of preform moulds in different sizes and material designs.
  • We make moulds using CNC machines to achieve low tolerances while maintaining other features.
  • If you have any questions about the design, stability, or flexibility of the PET preform mould, we are happy to handle all of your requests.

Description of 5 gallon PET preform mould

Figure 1 5 gallon pet preform mould

5 gallon PET preform mould

5 gallon PET preform moulds are mainly designed for applications such as water dispensers or water coolers. 

The preform mould has a balanced hot runner system with a shut off valve gate, which provides the quality of 5 gallon preforms. By using the cam roller system, the thread plates are able to slide along the roller, which makes it maintenance-free. 

The 5-gallon preform mold using a general PET screw injection molding machine, the preforms are 700 grams in weight, and the cycle time of the injection molding is 120 seconds. 

5 gallon PET preform mould feature

  • A skilled mold experience is necessary for good communication to take place
  • The design of a rational mould, the reduction of cycle time for production, and the extension of the life of the mould
  • In order to create added value, mirrors are hand polished by hand
  • An enhanced parting line effect can be achieved by precision machining
  • It is equipped with a fine mould cooling system that ensures high levels of productivity
  • In addition to specialising in exported moulds, we have extensive experience in international standards
  • An efficient, fully automated process with a high degree of accuracy

Figure 2 5 gallon pet preform mould

Long holding pressure and cooling time 

As PET material is injected into the mould cavities, it adheres to the cooled mould surfaces. Preforms shrink as they cool. Holding pressure occurs between injection and cooling, which fills the cavities with more material to eliminate shrinkage. Weight of the preform is as specified.

A stage called cooling is used to cool the preforms further to 80°C when the mold opens. Heat cannot be conducted well through PET. Rather than the injection moulding machine, the 120 s cycle time of 5-gallon preforms is driven by the cooling process (wall thickness, water channel design, chilled water temperature, flow rate and pressure). An alternative solution is to open the mould and remove the preforms by a robot arm, allowing the remaining cooling to take place. For the next cycle, the mould can be closed.

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