48 Cavity Preform Mould 1
48 Cavity Preform Mould 2
48 Cavity Preform Mould 1
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48 Cavity preform mould maker

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Introduction to 48 cavity preform mould

Figure 1 48 Cavity Preform Mould

48 cavity preform mould consists of two parts: the body and the core.  The body is mounted on the injection molding machine, while the core is inserted into the mold cavity.  The molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity, and then cooled and solidified to form the desired shape.  The benefit of using this mould is that it can significantly increase productivity and reduce production costs.

Pros and Cons of 48 cavity preform mould

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a 48 cavity preform mould. Some of the advantages include increased productivity, reduced production costs, and the ability to produce complex shapes. However, some of the disadvantages include the need for more frequent maintenance and the possibility of increased wear and tear on the mold. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and make the PET preform mold a valuable tool for many businesses.

Application of 48 cavity plastic preform mould

Figure 2 48 cavity plastic preform mould

48 cavity preform moulds are most commonly used in the food and beverage industry.  They are also frequently used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.  It can be used to produce a wide variety of products, including bottles, jars, lids, caps, and closures.

How do you choose the right 48 cavity preform injection mould?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right 48 cavity preform mold for your application.  Some of the things you should take into account include the volume of parts you need to produce, the complexity of the part, the size and shape of the part, and the material you will be using.  You should also consider the lead time and cost of the mold.  Ultimately, you want to choose a mold that will meet your needs and budget.

Is YuanCheng Mold the right PET preform mould for you?

YuanCheng Mold is a leading manufacturer of PET preform mould. We have a wide variety of molds to choose from, including 48 cavity preform moulds.

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