IML Food Container Mould

IML food container mould case study

IML food container mould-Background story:

Mr. Gale is a food container manufacturer in the UK and has been looking for ways to increase his productivity. He wanted to reduce production costs and improve efficiency and quality control.  He had 3 projects under his belt, for which he was looking for a tremendous increase in productivity. He also stated that he worked with 2 other suppliers who could not provide his needs. His approach to finding a supplier was to send an international request for quotation (RFQ) and wait for their response. YuanCheng Mold came into the scene, providing their expertise and know-how to help Mr. Gale.

When Mr. Gale approached YuanCheng, the engineers conducted an in-depth analysis of his needs. He faced multiple challenges, including not getting the desired output, a tight production schedule, and cost constraints. However, with our expertise in tooling and injection molding, we were able to provide a solution that would meet all of his requirements.

YuanCheng Mold is China’s leading top-tier tooling and injection mould supplier. We specialize in providing high-precision, cost-effective solutions for our customers with a wide range of services, including precision machining, rapid prototyping, metal stamping, die casting and injection moulding. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your next food container project. Now let’s see how we helped Mr. Gale achieve his goals.

IML food container mould solution:

Figure 1 IML Food Container Mould

Figure 1: IML food container moulds

When Gale approached us, the limelight was on our excellent IML technology. Our IML food container mould solution was the perfect fit for Mr Gale’s needs, as it allowed him to produce many containers quickly and with high accuracy. With this solution, we could provide Mr. Gale with the desired output without compromising quality or production timeline.

Our IML food container mould solution includes the following:

  • Using high-grade stainless steel moulds ensures precision and reliability when manufacturing containers.
  • Dynamic balancing on all moving parts to reduce the risk of breakage or damage to the moulds.
  • A control system allows greater production run flexibility and better product quality control.
  • Automation systems to improve production efficiency and reduce labour costs.

With our IML food container mould solution, Mr. Gale could produce high-quality containers at a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken him with traditional methods. He saved money and time while delivering top-quality results, meeting his expectations.


As Mr. Gale desired, YuanCheng Mold provided a cost-effective, highly efficient, and reliable solution with our In Mould Label food container moulds. The testament to the success of this project is that Mr Gale has since become a loyal customer and is now ordering from us regularly. With our tooling and injection moulding expertise, we provided him with solutions that met and exceeded his expectations. The thriving project that followed has established us as a reliable supplier in the industry, and we have since been providing excellent services to clients all over Europe.

After working with us, Mr. Gale achieved his goals of increasing production efficiency and reducing costs. He made a trade-off that he will not regret, having YuanCheng Mold as his reliable injection mould supplier. He also gained a huge competitive advantage as he delivered quicker and better results than his competitors. His customers were more than satisfied with the output, and he was able to increase his market share significantly.

We are proud of our success with this project and continue to make efforts to provide our customers with excellent quality service that meets their needs. From this project, we learned that modern technology has made it possible to achieve greater efficiency in production with lower costs and higher-quality results. 

How IML food container mould helps Gale’s business to grow

Figure 2 IML Food Container Mould

Figure 2: IML food container molding process

Not every plastic engineering firm can provide the same level of service as YuanCheng Mold. Our IML food container moulds have allowed Mr Gale to do his business exponentially quickly due to their tight tolerances and superior quality construction. He could mass-produce containers quickly and accurately without compromising quality or production timeline. This enabled him to satisfy customer demand and increase his market share significantly. Moreover, Mr. Gale has greater control over the production process. This is all due to the following:

  • Automation system:

The modern automation system enabled Mr. Gale to monitor processes more closely and make adjustments on the fly. This provided him with greater flexibility in terms of product control and allowed him to reduce costs significantly.

  • Durable stainless steel moulds:

Using stainless steel moulds also allowed for tight tolerances, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the containers produced. This enabled Mr. Gale to create containers with consistent dimensions and superior finish.

  • Dynamic balancing system:

The dynamic balancing system used in IML food container moulds reduced the risk of damage or breakage to the moulds. This allowed Mr. Gale to run longer production runs and increased overall productivity.

  • No hidden charges:

Lastly, IML food container moulding allowed Mr Gale to avoid hidden charges as our services are tailored to his needs and budget. We strive to provide our clients with excellent service at affordable rates so that they can maximize their return on investment.

In conclusion, YuanCheng Mold’s innovative IML food container moulds have enabled Mr. Gale to grow his business exponentially. Our products’ unrivalled quality and precision have allowed Mr Gale to satisfy his customers while thoroughly reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mr. Gale and providing him with reliable services.

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