125ML flip top bottle cap mould

125ml flip top bottle cap mould design

125ml flip top bottle cap mould: Overview

There are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to produce an attractive 125ML flip top bottle cap mould that is both structurally sound and visually appealing. 

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125ml flip top bottle cap mould

125ml flip top bottle cap mould

Flip-top bottle cap mould material

In terms of the material, the 125ml flip cap is made from a PP material with an average shrinkage rate of 15‰. In terms of plastics, PP can be described as a crystalline material with good flexibility as well as a high stretch rate. 

Although the material has a good flow ability, low hygroscopicity and good folding resistance, its molding shrinkage range is large, the shrinkage rate is high, and it is susceptible to shrinkage, dent, deformation, and directionality problems. It is important to control the parameters during the molding process strictly.

125ml clamshell injection mold design solution

Cavity arrangement:

Figure 2 Cavity Arangement

There are 8 cavities in a plastic part, and it is mass-produced. It is divided into two rows based on the force balance of the oblique slider and the oblique wedge, and each row has four holes. This mold base is a non-standard 4545 thin nozzle straight body mold base, A85 B30 C118. For increasing mold clamping accuracy, all template materials are 2083H; four PL-75T positioners are added to the mold base; ball guide bushes are added to the push plate; four dia. 

It adopts an oil-free linear guide column for the middle support, the straight support side and the center support.

Design of gating system:

Figure 3 Design of Gating System

Molten plastic flows fairly slowly through one mold out of eight. This is why a hot nozzle is used to feed glue, and molten plastic passes through fine filters. 

Each mold cavity has its own nozzle gating system, which is located at the edge of its lower cover, and is blocked when the upper cover is closed. When the mold is opened, the condensate from the runner system is ejected from part 17. 

Design of lateral core-pulling mechanism:

A lateral core-pulling mechanism with an inclined angle of 35° must be designed for the upper cover of the plastic part. The upper cover sticks to the slider because of the glue on the edge and the center column. The slider spring pin (slider thimble) is designed to solve this issue. T-shaped slots drive the sliders, and locking wedges control the opening and locking.

Ejection system design: similar to three ejections:

Figure 4 Ejection System Design

When the injection molding machine ejects the ejector pin 48 for the second ejection, the plastic part is placed in the core inserts 1 and 2 during the ejection action. After disengaging from the movable inner mold 33, the core insert 2 is halted by the round nut 27 to stop movement, and the semicircular undercut is successfully released. Once the plastic part is separated from the core insert 2, the final plastic part is ejected from the core insert 1.

Mold opening sequence:

Control mold opening sequence with multiple buckle machine groups. The nozzle plate needs to be opened first before the AB plate. The nozzle material must be removed, the core pulled, and the parting surface opened. According to the ejection sequence, the rear mold opens.

Result-125ml flip top bottle cap mould 

After putting the mold into production, the practice shows that the mold design is a reasonable and suitable design for mass production, as well as fully meeting the requirements of mass production. If you would like to use this mold design as a reference, you can contact us.

As a result of the YuanCheng Mold, this company has been able to demonstrate that with a high-quality mold and plastic bottle cap injection molding service, you can achieve better quality at a lower cost. 

In order to learn more about the project, as well as the processes used to manufacture it, please contact us directly.

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