Vegetable Basket Mould 1
Vegetable Basket Mould 2
Vegetable Basket Mould 1
Vegetable Basket Mould 2

Vegetable basket mould maker

  • YuanCheng Mold is a professional plastic vegetable basket mould manufacturer in China.
  • Our moulds can produce durable vegetable baskets.
  • Our aluminum mold will generally have 300,000 – 500,000 shots.
  • We offer timely delivery and maintain strict quality control.
  • We provide zero-defect quality products and services.
  • Being a leading manufacturer and supplier, we also accept customized orders.
  • Our stability and quick delivery ensure the solution that customers need the most.

Overview of vegetable basket mould - YuanCheng Mold

YuanCheng Mold specializes in the design and production of plastic vegetable basket moulds. We use advanced equipment and expert quality. The majority of the process is automated. A single operator can control and manage all the machines. Moulds for the vegetable baskets produced by our company are among the best on the market.

Plastic basket mould works on the principle of a normal injection moulding machine, in which one mould cavity will be made. The size and shape of mould cavity depends on the requirements of customers’ needs. We rigorously test all of the moulds on various parameters before shipment.


Figure 1 Vegetable Basket Mould

Figure 1: Vegetable basket mould

Vegetable basket mould design

There are some complex moulds due to their storage parts and warehouse requirements. We are able to design complicated moulds with our well experienced engineers and top-grade machinery.

Several cores, cavities, sliders, and stripper plates make up their construction. The plastic will be injected in the negative forms of the basket’s cores and cavities. The plastic baskets are removed from the mould using sliders and stripper plates.

Advantages of vegetable basket mould

  • Our moulds have four to five times better thermal heat transfer than other moulds available in the market.
  • Customers can minimize the production cost by using our mould.
  • Using a vegetable basket mould is a highly repeatable method of making plastic with extreme precision.
  • It can manufacture a significant number of pieces per hour from various polymers.
  • To save money and lessen material waste, customers can quickly regrind, melt, and reuse any sprues, runners, or other residual plastic pieces.
  • Injection moulding uses the same mould for each part, customers can have identical products.
  • Our mould makes it simple to design the complex shapes that would have been difficult and expensive to produce without it.

Why choose YuanCheng Mold’s vegetable basket mould?

Are you looking for the best quality mould for the vegetable baskets? Then YuanCheng Mold is the right choice to choose. We specialize in the production of customized basket moulds over a period of more than twenty years. We are producing moulds for plastic products like basket, buckets, and containers.

Figure 2 Example of Vegetable Basket Mould

Figure 2: Example of vegetable basket mould

We ensure strict quality control measures to meet the ISO approved standards.We offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of product. We have a highly experienced team of engineers working to serve the clients. In case of any technical issue our team is available to deal with.

Customers can visit our website to place the order. Minimum delivery time period is 2 weeks but it also depends on the shape and size of mould.