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storage basket mould 1
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Storage basket mould manufaturer

  • The YuanCheng mould is one of China’s most innovative storage basket moulds.
  • To ensure that the accuracy of our products is maintained, we have equipped our facility with a complete CAD/CAM/CAE system.
  • In order for our storage basket mould to meet our customer’s expectations, we make sure that it meets their requirements.
  • The technical support we provide to our customers is excellent and of high quality.
  • We have a professional production design team. We can save time and process moulds at the same time to shorten the mould production cycle.

Storage baskets guide - YuanCheng Mold

YuanCheng Mold specializes in a wide range of plastic basket moulds. We have advanced design and high precision production. We have designed more than 1000 pairs of moulds and have rich experience in design.

Regarding mould steel, widely used are P20, 718, H13 and 2344. different requirements require different mould steels.

Figure 1 Storage Basket Mould

Figure 1: Storage basket mould

Storage basket mould specifications

It is common for the mold to employ four or six hot runner drops gates (or three plates crate molds) because of the large sizes and complex shapes of the product. 

Therefore, four sliders are required. In this case, your basket mould will be dropped either on a half-automatic or on a full-automatic basis. Depending on the requirements, it may be manufactured with one cavity by using 718 steel or other steel as required. 

There are strict controls over all the processes, and moulds are delivered on time every time.

Molding points for storage baskets

A reasonable thickness and design should be considered when designing a storage basket. Besides being lightweight, the product should also be strong and not bend or deform when loaded. As per the product design, the pattern should have a reasonable drafting slope and anti-deformation treatment.

Storage basket mold cooling system

Figure 2 Storage basket mold cooling system

Figure 2:  Storage basket mold cooling system

It is crucial for the efficiency of production to ensure that the mold for storage baskets is properly cooled. Having a wide water circuit and at just the right distance from each other ensures that heat spreads effectively, without blocking any parts, causing slower operation caused by parts that are too hot or cold. 

If we want moulds to perform flawlessly during every single phase, including injection, they must have excellent craftsmanship.

China basket mould specialist-YuanCheng Mold

We are constantly improving and refining our moulds and services. We also actively develop plastic basket moulds. Winning the trust of our customers is definitely the golden key to our good results!