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  • YuanCheng Mold is a professional plastic injection molding innovator and manufacturer in China.
  • We offer precision high-speed plastic injection moulding lines with equipment, technology solution, and service.
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  • YuanCheng Mold has extensive experience in making shopping basket mould.
  • Lifespan of our mould is 300,000-500,000 shots

Two-plate plastic shopping basket mould

The plastic basket mould is referred to as a two-plate injection mould if it splits into two main sections or halves on either side of the mould split line. A two-impression mould with two cavities will create two plastic baskets during each shot or cycle. A feed system is used to fill each cavity. 

Figure 1 Shopping Basket Mould

Figure 1: Example of shopping basket mould

The material runs through the sprue, typically a tapered circular channel, after leaving the injection moulding machine’s nozzle. In multi-impression moulds, runners are used to connect the cavities to the sprue. The purpose of these runners, which are channels cut into one or both mould halves, is to fill each cavity as effectively as possible. 

The gate is the term for the thin restriction in the runner system that sits between the runner and the cavity and is where the material enters the cavity. The plastic basket moulding can now be readily removed from the feed system when required because the gate size is significantly less than the runner.

The plastic material is pushed via the sprue into the runner system and then into the cavity during the moulding process (or cavities). The surface finish determines the surface finish of the component on these two mould components between which the plastic basket is created.

The moving-mould half of the mould is the one that moves along with the clamp. The provisions are typically provided to guarantee that the moulding is kept in this portion of the mould. This is because the moulding ejection system is connected to the moving-mould half for financial, practical reasons.


Using a device known as a “sprue puller,” the plastic basket moulding is secured to the moving-mould portion. This sprue puller dislodges or pulls the sprue from the sprue bush because of its re-entrant form when the mould is opened. 

The ejector system is activated after or during the plastic basket mould opening stroke, which removes the mouldings and their associated runner system from the mould. The “cold slug well” refers to the depression directly across from the sprue, which houses the sprue-puller pin. Its purpose is to accept the first portion of the shot, which was at the nozzle’s tip and may be cold.

The plastic basket mould temperature is controlled, for example, by running water via cooling channels (in the case of thermoplastics) or by using electrical resistance elements to ensure that plastic basket manufacture is consistent and homogeneous (in the case of thermosets). 

Figure 2 Shopping Basket Mould

Figure 2: Shopping basket mould

What benefits YuanCheng Mold’s basket mould provide?

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