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Fruit basket mould maker

  • YuanCheng Mold offers a wide variety of plastic injection moulds for different products.
  • The fruit basket mould manufactured by YuanCheng Mold complies with safety standards set forth by the global industry.
  • We are making high-quality moulds under strict quality control standards.
  • Our products are resistant to wear and tear under extreme working conditions.
  • We offer customized shapes and sizes to choose from.
  • We deliver the product on time with efficient pre-sale and after-sale services.

Overview of fruit basket mould - YuanCheng Mold

Plastic basket injection molding is our popular manufacturing process. This process is relatively quick and inexpensive. Fruit Baskets are created by a specifically designed mould named fruit basket mould. 

Our moulds are beneficial for fruit basket suppliers and manufacturers. Because our moulds make strong and durable baskets. Baskets produced by our moulds are suitable for heavy fruits. We can make mould of any size and shape. If our customers need stylish and functional baskets, they are welcome to use our moulds.

Figrue 1 Fruit Basket Mould

Figrue 1: Fruit basket mould

Possible problems of fruit basket injection molding

Injection moulding is a simple but complex process. There are some potential problems that only YuanCheng Mold can handle. Our company provides you with the best knowledge and experience to help ensure that your fruit basket mould is high quality. 

  • Flash occurs when the excess plastic escapes from the mould during the injection. This can lead to the rough edges of the final product.
  • Warpage occurs when the plastic cools unevenly, causing the finished product to be distorted.
  • Sink Marks are the indentations that occur on the surface of finished products.
  • If mould release agent is not applied properly, it can stick the final product to the mould.
  • Air bubbles occur when there is insufficient pressure during the injection process, causing voids and holes in the final product.

Advantages of our fruit basket mould

  • We value our customer’s needs. If any customer needs a customized basket of different shapes and sizes, we provide them with the required shape and size.
  • Baskets produced by plastic injection moulding last very long because they are strong and durable.
  • We ensure our customers with a mould that will produce a high-standard finishing basket without imperfection.
  • Moulds usage reduces labor costs. 
  • Manufacturers can produce precision baskets at a high rate and low cost.

Mould’s check and balance

Customers must perform regular maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to ensure that the fruit basket injection mould is working properly. Some of the important things to be checked include the following:

  • Alignment of mould halves
  • Adequate Ventilation and
  • Correct Temperature

Additionally, we provide a log of the moulding process to quickly identify and address any issues. 

Why choose YuanCheng Mold’s fruit basket mould?

YuanCheng Mold has a team of experienced engineers who can design and manufacture moulds of customized shapes and sizes according to the requirements of customers. We are making rectangular, square, and custom designs.

The delivery time is approximately 2 weeks. However, it depends on the complexity and the size of the mould. If any customer needs an urgent delivery, they can inform us. We also provide urgent deliveries to accommodate their request.

YuanCheng Mold is one of the best China Basket mould manufacturers. You can contact us and let us know your specifications to place the order. We will provide you with the best customer care service.