Food Basket Mould 1
Food Basket Mould 1

Food basket mould supplier

  • YuanCheng Mold offers best-quality food basket moulds not only in China but provides a worldwide shipment.
  • The plastic food basket moulds from YuanCheng Mold are not only of excellent quality but also ISO-certified.
  • We provide a wide range of services with extensive experience, excellent quality, and affordable pricing.
  • Customers can choose from various personalized food basket moulds offered by the company.
  • The basket mould is made using a highly advanced CNC engraving technique.
  • We have lots of machining centers that we use to make big, complicated moulds.
  • Our company manufactures rust-proof food plastic moulds.

Overview of food basket mould - YuanCheng Mold

Food basket mould is a type of mould used to create baskets for food. These moulds are typically made from aluminum. We provide a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate various basket design types. 

Typically, a mould with a basket design is cut into it. Molten plastic or metal is poured into the mould, giving it the desired shape. The basket can be removed from the mould and ready for use once it has cooled and solidified. Manufacturers create a wide variety of baskets, including those used for storage, laundry, farming, gardening, and other purposes, using basket moulds.

Food basket molding die process

Food basket is produced by injection mold, which has short production cycle, high output and long mold life. 

Food basket injection molding is a manufacturing process in which the resin in the barrel is heated to a molten state and then injected into the food basket mold to form a mold-shaped basket.

Figure 1 Food Basket Mould

Figure 1: Food basket mould

It starts with plastic pellets that are fed into the injection molding machine where the plastic is melted. The molten plastic enters the mold cavity through a system of gates and runners. The mold is kept at a set temperature so the plastic basket can be molded almost after the filling is completed.

After that, the food basket mold is opened and the ejector pin pushes the basket out of the mold. The mold is then closed again for the next production run.

Advanced food basket mold processing technology allows us to accurately control your costs and mass produce the most suitable food basket products.

Advantages of food basket mould

The use of our food basket moulds has a variety of benefits over more conventional techniques.

  • For starters, they can make more baskets faster because they take less time and effort than manual methods.
  • Furthermore, compared to manual methods, the baskets formed with these moulds are often more durable and better equipped to resist normal wear and tear.
  • Food basket moulds are the perfect tool for manufacturing distinctive and personalized pieces because they are easily customizable with various forms and designs.
  • Since they may be reused numerous times without repairs or replacements, they are also significantly more affordable.

Why choose YuanCheng Mold’s basket mould?

We at YuanCheng Mold are experts in creating premium plastic basket moulds. Our knowledgeable team is furnished with the most recent technologies and procedures to guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. Each mould is thoroughly examined before being shipped to ensure that it complies with all norms and specifications. Additionally, we provide customization choices so that you can design food baskets that are ideal for your requirements.

Figure 2 Example of Food Basket Mould

Figure 2: Example of food basket mould

Thanks to our dedication to producing high-quality products, you can be confident that any mould you buy from us will last for years without requiring any repairs or replacements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries or want more information about our basket moulds.